SUBTITLING Tick and tock


This is not an ordinary graphic, this is the heart of our work.

It is a waveform analysis and it is the main element that helps us reach subtitle timings to perfection. It is a representation of every single bit of information in a digital audio track and using it, we can determine the start and ending of every spoken line in a movie frame by frame.

With the experience of 1000+ successfully completed projects over years, our Subtitling Specialists know how to harness its power. And when you work with Studio DSE, this very complicated process becomes as easy as saying “Please…”

We handle the rest.

Our main language pairs are

  • English to Turkish
  • French to Turkish
  • Turkish to English
  • English to Arabic
  • French to Arabic
  • Any language to Turkish (If we are provided an English or French script)

Spotting in any language

And the best thing is that we can perform subtitle spotting in any language you need.

We provided our services for movies in Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Georgian and even in languages which you may have never heard of: Sinhalese, Pali

We can help you by…

  • translating and proofreading any movie or video to achieve the unique natural flow of Turkish language and providing subtitles with highly sensitive timings,
  • offering ready movie subtitles from our comprehensive archive,
  • creating English Master Templates to help you focus on your multilingual translation efforts.

Full proofreading service for Turkish content

a specialty by Studio DSE

Please check out our Projects page or Youtube Channel to view more examples of our expertise in the art of Subtitling.