Effects Breathing life to pictures

So you have a video for dubbing but a key component of this process is missing: A Music & Effect Track that contains all sound elements except dialogues.

Studio DSE’s postproduction professionals have remarkable experience in this situation and they can provide what you need.

Using a movie’s original soundtrack and our vast audio library, we can recreate the Music & Effect Track from scratch.

You can’t tell the difference

Action, Romance or Science Fiction, we will weave every bit of detail to make your video come alive.

Explosions, horns, bees buzzing, wind, coffee machine and everything you can imagine will be on your brand new audio track.

Language Independent

Music & Effect track recreation process is totally language independent. 

Your movie’s original language or intended target language can be anything. And we can still help you satisfy your distinguished audience.

Please check out our Projects page or Youtube Channel to view more examples of our expertise in the art of Music & Effect Production.