DUBBING Fits like a glove

Script Creation

Script creation / adaptation is a crucial step for every voice over production and it requires more than a regular translator. Setting timecodes, lip synchronization and adding non-dialogue voice elements (screaming, laughter etc) need a professional touch.

Studio DSE’s translation team works with studio crews and voice talents for years, side by side. They know how to increase the efficiency of a recording session.


Recording is a phase where art meets technology through professionalism.

Voice Talents with theatrical background perform under the guidance of experienced Dubbing Directors. And our high end equipment allows them to create all necessary sound elements in crystal clarity.

  • To view detailed equipment list of our Nuendo and Pro Tools 10 HD systems, please visit our Studios page.
  • To receive a detailed list and sound samples of the Voice Talents at our disposal, please contact us.


Our Sound Engineers perform necessary fine tuning and polishing on the recorded voices.

Effects are implemented, video and audio tracks are matched through several processes, making them fit for broadcast.

This is where we ensure the final product is in highest quality.


Every client has a different content management or automation system. And it is our duty to adapt our workflow accordingly.

Uncompressed 24-bit WAV or fully localized video. We deliver in any format you need.

All you have to do is telling us the specifications.

Please check out our Projects page or Youtube Channel to view more examples of our expertise in Voice Over Productions.